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February 22, 2008


Mathew Hipwood

Thats quite interesting about your relaxing increasing your insulin requirements, I find the opposite is true for me. Stress increases the amount I need to inject.

Richard Surridge

This is what I mean - how on earth can we keep track of all this?! It's worth noticing as well that I'm pretty sure my own rules have changed in the past too!

Rob Leggatt

I have the same problems from weekdays to weekends. I generally sit in the office Monday to Friday and then have to inject less at the weekend due to gardening, playing with the kids, etc. I also have to adjust for exercise and this changes depending on the time of day (ratio of 1.5:1 Carbs/Insulin in the morning and 1:1 in the evening)

Scott Gillan

Richard - you have just summed up my life!

I have no day that is even remotly the same at work, sometimes I'm on my feet running about all day, sometimes I am at a desk - the varying effort effect's my sugar levels every day. That is why I got involved in DAFNE in the first place, to help give me some rigour around a process I was doing myself with some uneducated guesswork.

It has taken me over 1 year since I first was involved in DAFNE to get even close to being able to work it all out (partly because I let my own standards around snacks slip because I could under DAFNE but that's another story!)

Trina Ironmonger

Hi I have had type 1 diabetes 36 years! At moment I am on the sliding scale with my insulin and i must say it is never the same, as some days I am running around and others I am a little slower! I think I may need to be on some other insulin as I have been on soluable and lantus for a while now. How do you get to go on this DAFNE thing? I have never heard of it but I am intriqued by it! Is it worth me enquiring or what????

Richard Surridge

DAFNE is a program whereby you adjust your short acting insulin doses according to what you are eating at the time. You look at the carbohydrate content of your meal and make judgments related to your own, personal rules, plus your activity, stress levels, and anything else that might be affecting you at the time. It stands for Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating.
It's something that your nurse should know about and be able to help you with. You have to go on a five day course to learn all of the ins and outs. The only problem you might have is whether or not your local authority has bought into the program. I'm in Barking, Havering and Redbridge and I was on the first course they did last February.
Ask your nurse, and then pester!

Simon Heller

As one of the docs involved with the DAFNE project, I can tell you that despite the success of the project overall it has been quite difficult to get local primary care trusts to support the courses by providing hard cash. Currently around 65 hospitals in the UK are DAFNE centres. Others are providing courses which aren't DAFNE. I think many are quite good but few if any have a system of inspection to ensure that the quality of the course and the educators is guaranteed. Some diabetes specialists and nurses still don't realise how important a course is to teach the skills of adjusting insulin and carb counting. If you haven't got access to DAFNE or an equivalent course then you should start complaining to your diabetes teams!


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