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April 22, 2008



Mea culpa, I hadn't realised you were Type 1 (memo to selves: read first, write later) I suppose it was only a matter of time before you also get restrictions on the amount of testing you are permitted, since it works so well for Type 2s (sarcasm alert)

I simply couldn't conceive of the possibility of using insulin without regular and routine testing.

OK you might be lucky, like my Type 1 uncle who lived into his seventies with few complications, but it's unlikely.

The only reason I "have it sussed" is because of the great deal of relevant information to be found on the internet, which explains clearly why following my NHS dietician's advice caused my lipids and BP to become rapidly worse: ONLY testing has enabled me to discover exactly what to eat and what to avoid, and when.

Here's my latest must-read site


the how-tos are written by an NHS doctor (until she fails to have her contract renewed for writing sense)



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Michael J

I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes for over two years. I seem to be managing with it quite well despite (in my opinion) the poor quality care I am receiving. No matter how I approach the subject, my GP will not prescribe any blood testing strips or give any education on managing diabetes. Am I wrong or what? So far as I am concerned, everybody with diabetes should be able to monitor their blood sugar level regardless as to whether it is type 1 or 2. This helps prevent long term damage to the body and in the long run, would save the NHS money in treating damage caused by diabetes. They seem only to be concerned with short term savings. I can only monitor my condition by buying the strips and associated equipment. Why is it that we are denied this facility?


regular testing is good for monitoring progres our diabetes treating....

Shared Decision Making

This is true...the base is this and should be done accurately for perfect diagnosis and thus prevention or cure.

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Testing is someting i see lots of diabetics neglecting to do often.

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