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April 04, 2008



I think it's quite likely true. The nice, gentle stuff is easy on the joints, and meets the criteria for prolonged use of long muscles - I think it'd probably be quite good for bg control.
It also doesn't have to be easy and gentle - we occasionally do Tai Chi as a warmup to karate; it can require a great deal of fitness, strength and discipline. If there were a regular class near me, I might be tempted to add it to my fitness routine.

By: Nicky Moxey


I'm allergic to exercise as an end in itself but I do tend to do a lot of low-impact stuff within my daily life, I walk a lot, usually carrying several kilos of photographic gear or shopping, and do stuff like gardening and housework.

This does have a marked and constant effect on my BG without the potential for causing highs and lows from more concentrated exercise.

If I had to choose something formal to add to my regime I'd look hard at Tai Chi


If Tai Chi can really help diabetes, that's a good news.

Sam Nisbett


Gentle stuff is easy on the joints, and meets the criteria for prolonged use of long muscles...

Sam Nisbett

Keranamu Gula

Trust me, Tai Chi does help with diabetes but the result does not happen overnight.

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